LifeKrafts Magnetic Dry Erase Activity Planner | includes 1 Marker Pen, 1 Eraser, 42 Magnetic Stars

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  • RAISING SUCCESSFUL CHILDREN AND ADULTS ONE TASK AT A TIME: Children and Adults are first to benefit from a daily routine. With a routine chore chart family can expect to more easily get things done, spend time together and have fun. This chart will provide a sense of strength, a core of values, and secure sense of belonging.
  • CHORE CHART: Encourage good behavior with this magnetic tracking-and-reward responsibility chart. This is beyond your typical reward chart, Chart to Success will reward your child with self-worth, confidence and self-respect which is key in providing a foundation of success built on love.
  • BUILDS RESPONSIBILITY :Helps Children and Adults set goals and work towards achieving them. Visual rewards helps to adults and children track progress and share their success.
  • BUILD SELF ESTEEM: Kids and Adults develop a positive self-esteem and sense of independence when they feel they are contributing to the family and can make their own choices. Motivating instead of trying to control yours and your child's behaviors will help mold him or her to be the best they can be. The "LifeKrafts." reward chart brings some of these valuable lessons to life.

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Very useful. I purchased 3 types of these organizers. Thanks.

Venkat kiran

Very good product. Easy to use.

Sara Sarwath

Loved the product from them

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