Magnetic Receptive Wall Paint/ Grey Water based Paint

Rs. 2,499 Rs. 4,999
  • Great Usage: Bring life to any home/office wall with the Innovative Magnetic Paint. It transforms any ordinary wall into a magnetic surface that can be put to full use. Create a 3D wall by sticking magnetic souvenirs, magnetic sheet planners, hold push pins for Post its, Notes, Bills etc. Can be used.
  • Perfect Amount: One Quart is enough to cover 16 Square feet area or 200ml/square meters. Apply at least two heavy coats for the best results. More coats can be applied if an increased holding force is required.
  • Fun Results: After 24 hours of paint application, you can apply another coat of commercially available thin-layer emulsion paints, blackboard paint , thin-layer wallpaper You’ll have nicewall surface that is functional with a secret magnetic power behind it.
  • Of Course its Safe: LifeKrafts brand magnetic primer is non-toxic, child safe, low odor and does not contain heavy metals.. LifeKrafts Magnetic Paint is characterized by its easy processing and beautiful appearance, is solvent-free, does not conduct and has no shielding effect (telephone, computer, etc.).
  • Fun DIY Activity: For those seeking to enliven their space themselves, this is a fun Do It Yourself project. You can apply easily with the provided brush or roller, applying 2-3 coats

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Creative Paint

I can stick my magnets on wall for the first time lol. This product is just amazing. My room has become a technological chamber lol..

Just Wow

Great product LifeKrafts. We have saved money on buying notice boards. The paint gives a magical feeling and a classy look in my office wall. This helps a lot.

D Silva
Amazing Product. I just love the beauti of it in my room

Lifekrafts products are awesome. I buyed magnetic paint, magnetic push pins, magnetic photo frames, magnetic sheet and daily planner. I just can't resist. The wall paint is an awesome product and I can stick all the items on my wall bought from lifekrafts without spoling it. Thanks to lifekrafts.

Quality Product

Loved the product, It sticks light wt materials on my wall.

Md Iliyas
Extremely useful creation

I applied 3 coats on my wall 3m x 30cm and it works great. Created my first magnetic wall. Awesome product.

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