Magnetic Receptive Wall Paint/ Grey Water based Paint

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  • Great Usage: Bring life to any home/office wall with the Innovative Magnetic Paint. It transforms any ordinary wall into a magnetic surface that can be put to full use. Create a 3D wall by sticking magnetic souvenirs, magnetic sheet planners, hold push pins for Post its, Notes, Bills etc. Can be used.
  • Perfect Amount: One Quart is enough to cover 16 Square feet area or 200ml/square meters. Apply at least two heavy coats for the best results. More coats can be applied if an increased holding force is required.
  • Fun Results: After 24 hours of paint application, you can apply another coat of commercially available thin-layer emulsion paints, blackboard paint , thin-layer wallpaper You’ll have nicewall surface that is functional with a secret magnetic power behind it.
  • Of Course its Safe: LifeKrafts brand magnetic primer is non-toxic, child safe, low odor and does not contain heavy metals.. LifeKrafts Magnetic Paint is characterized by its easy processing and beautiful appearance, is solvent-free, does not conduct and has no shielding effect (telephone, computer, etc.).
  • Fun DIY Activity: For those seeking to enliven their space themselves, this is a fun Do It Yourself project. You can apply easily with the provided brush or roller, applying 2-3 coats

Customer Reviews

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Creative Paint

I can stick my magnets on wall for the first time lol. This product is just amazing. My room has become a technological chamber lol..

Just Wow

Great product LifeKrafts. We have saved money on buying notice boards. The paint gives a magical feeling and a classy look in my office wall. This helps a lot.

D Silva
Amazing Product. I just love the beauti of it in my room

Lifekrafts products are awesome. I buyed magnetic paint, magnetic push pins, magnetic photo frames, magnetic sheet and daily planner. I just can't resist. The wall paint is an awesome product and I can stick all the items on my wall bought from lifekrafts without spoling it. Thanks to lifekrafts.

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