Customizable Polyester Magnetic Door Mosquito Net

Rs. 1,299
  • LifeKrafts Magnetic Screen Door can make a great first impression for your lovely home, improve indoor ventilation, keep mosquitoes & bugs out with additional security.

  • How to Order.

  • 1. Measure your door size in centimeters accordingly as shown in the measurement image and video.
  • 2. Select the size range from the dropdown list in which your measured size falls.
  • 3. Enter the Measured Height and Measured Width in Height and Width fields.
  • 4. Select your choice of Color.
  • 5. Place the order.

Customer Reviews

Based on 32 reviews
super idea and desgin

Brilliant design. I salute the person who came up with this Idea. I wanted a solution to mosquitos entering the house during the day. The idea of putting a shutter with a screen was not practical for me. This was an ideal solution. Very easy to install but subject that the measurements are taken accurately and size ordered is correct. Mosquitos are reduced by 90% so very happy.

value for money

1. Very good quality.
2. Easy to install.
3. Velcro tape quality is very good.
4. Adhesive used to stick Velcro has very good strength.

There is a little different arrangement of door frame available in my case, still due to good adhesive used for Velcro, I am using the curtain comfortably.

Execllent product

Size name: 185x75 cmVerified Purchase
Based on our use for almost 1 week, the product does its job exactly as described in its description - very much happy that it significantly reduced the number of mosquitoes entering the room.

The quality of the net and stitching seems quite good. The magnetic closure works flawlessly as well. The only minor issue was with the adhesion of the velcro strip (which may probably have been caused due to the way I handled sticking it to the door frame). So, overall a very satisfying purchase.

Neat strong and convenient

I love this product
This is my 3rd purchase in 2 months for each of my entrance doors(main,back & top balcony.
Recieved the perfect size that i measured so fitted perfectly on my door frame.
The sticky sidd of the velcro is very strong so remain intact even if issue there..even then i punched a few wood staples into it
Its free to move through (even for my 2 dogs..once i taught them its safe to move through)
Quality is tough.. washable and since fine holes in the net..even the finest flies find it difficult to come in
Honestly one of my favorite and best product i have purchased
I wid even be ready to pay more for such an item
.its definitely worth it for house residents. Not so much for indoor rooms or flat residences.

much better than mosquito repellents

An effective solution for mosquito problem. Be specific about the size and installation. Easy to install nevertheless. Magnets are good and stick to each other smoothly.
won't stop 100% mosquitoes so keep a racket beside but definitely an improvement. Thumbs up.

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