Experia Anti-Slip with Suction Cup Bath Mat, 80 x 80cm Grey (Soft-Pebble)

Rs. 988.00 Rs. 1,998.00

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  • LifeKrafts Non Slip Mats : Reliable slip-resistance over the length of your tub or shower area, with a cushioned, comfortable feel underfoot.
  • Suction Cups : With more than 100 plus suction cups, our mats would not move, thereby giving you a safe and confident experience.
  • Durable Quality : Made of superior quality, allergen-less vinyl. Anti-bacterial treatment. Mould and mildew resistance
  • Protect Your Family : The very reason we sell these mats is to ensure people have safety in bath areas. There could be slippery or wet floors which cause accidents. Be it for children or Senior people or Pregnant women , we want to ensure you have a safe bathing experience.
  • Quality: Material, stands up to repeated daily use. Made of high-quality allergen-free vinyl. Anti-bacterial treatment. Mould and mildew resistance.

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