The most durable and affordable Mosquito Net solution just for your home, office etc...

If you are looking to fix mosquito nets on your windows but don’t know what kind of mesh will be best suited for you, here is the list of top quality affordable mosquito nets for windows that are durable & easily installed.

What is the price of mosquito net for windows?

The prices start from 289 rupees for 50cm x 50cm window size and varies as the size increases. The price for 180cm x 240cm window size will cost 1049 rupees


1. Fiberglass Mosquito Net for Windows

2. Polyester Mosquito Net for Windows

How many types of window mosquito nets are available?

1. Regular Plain Window Mosquito Net

Window mosquito net

2. Zipper Type Window Mosquito Net

Window mosquito net with zip or zipper type window mosquito net

3. Magnetic Window Mosquito Net

Magnetic Window Mosquito Net or Window Mosquito Net with Magnets

Are the window mosquito nets customizable?

The window mosquito net is available in variety of sizes and also customizable on demand. The Nets are available in 4 different colors - Black, Brown, Beige & Grey. The mosquito nets are customized based on your requirements like the size, where you want the zipper to be installed if you are ordering a zipper type mosquito net, how many openings you need for accessibility and choice of color.

Lifekrafts mosquito Net


How do I fix mosquito net around a window?

The instruction sheet below describes the step by step procedure to install the mosquito net. You don't need any technician or spare hand to install the net. The installation can be done by a single person in just 5 minutes.

How to install Window Mosquito Net?