Monsoon Season Precautions


Monsoon! It’s time for the sweet earthy smell, for the tiny droplets on the window panes, for the thundering sound of the rain, and for falling in love once again. It has the power to add beauty to nature. Everything around is bright, alive, and beautiful. If you're thrilled with the gorgeous season, you'll truly appreciate the misty clouds, greenery, and spectacular waterfalls. 

 But also, the monsoons are not simply about alluring scenes and poetry. Waterlogging on the roads, mosquitoes trying to enter your mouth when you open it, pakoras fresh off the fire, and dank rooms are the ground reality of the rainy season.


We love the rains, the cool breeze, and the cloudy sky during monsoon, but the humidity increase can increase the chances of infections. You need to protect yourself against water-borne diseases, fever, stomach infections, and other conditions.


Few simple steps to protect you and your family from the MONSOONS:

1. Use mosquito nets and repellent

The Fabric of Life. Intact nets, if available and consistently used, offer substantial benefits whether or not they kill mosquitoes. As mosquitoes become more strongly resistant to public health insecticides, the overall value of the nets comes increasingly from their ability to prevent biting rather than their ability to kill mosquitoes.


  • Mosquito nets are an old but practical solution to the mosquito problem. Try different kinds of mosquito nets like Door nets, window nets, and Pop-up bed net that surrounds your bed and keeps mosquitoes away.
  • Don’t forget to cover your baby’s crib with mosquito netting also. Baby are vulnerable to monsoon season parents has to take care baby in natural ways. Finding solution is big problem, Parents have to take care of their child with a hassle-free solution. The Baby Crib net is designed to be the safest, with maximum space, creating a snug perimeter around the baby, & making a "safe little home" for your baby. these mosquito nets block even the tiniest mosquitoes while providing complete ventilation.

2. Drink boiled water and lots of it

  • Drinking boiled water gives many benefits during the rainy season.
  • It helps in removing congestion by releasing phlegm from the respiratory system.
  • Thus, helps in relieving cold and cough.
  • Besides, it keeps the digestion good enabling you to flush out harmful toxins from of body easily and detox your body.
  • Try to carry a water bottle with you whenever you venture out for work or any other emergencies during monsoon.


3. Avoid uncooked food and street food

Eating street food is one of the biggest causes of various diseases in the monsoon. Outside foods are prepared in unhygienic conditions and are prone to various infestations. It is recommended you consume hot home-prepared food to stay healthy. 

Monsoon diet:

  • Include probiotics in the diet: yogurt, buttermilk, cheese kefir, kombucha, and soybeans. Probiotics are packed with good bacteria that act on our digestive system and boost immunity.
  • Avoid raw vegetables: You need to have steamed or boiled veggies instead of raw veggies as they are loaded with bacteria and viruses which can make you susceptible to stomach problems.
  • Avoid Sugary Drinks: Juices and sodas that contain high sugars also cause bloating and gas as the intestines are unable to handle the fructose overload. This also causes spikes in blood sugars and when taken very often can increase the risk of diabetes. Replace these with fresh lemon water, and fresh coconut water, it is better digested especially in between meals. If very essential, then stick to fresh fruit juice in small quantities occasionally.
  • Avoid Street-Food:
    Pre-cut fruit, fried food, junk food, or any street food should be avoided completely. 

4. Avoid walking in the rain, & equip yourself with an umbrella or a raincoat


Before going outside, make sure to know what is likely to happen. It’s best to prepare well for the rain during this season. Who knows if a sudden rain can ruin your trip, right?

  • If a weather forecast says the chance of precipitation is 50% or above, then you should keep an umbrella and a raincoat handy to battle the rains this monsoon. This is one of the best safety precautions during the rainy season that not only helps keep you from falling sick but also saves your belongings from getting wet.
  • We also highly recommend putting your belongings into a small plastic bag during the rainy season to prevent the rain from ruining them.


5. Lifestyle Modifications

The least considered precaution to stave off viral infections is a lifestyle. You must get sufficient sleep, and exercise regularly. Give up smoking tobacco, and avoid alcohol to keep up your immunity. Give junk food a miss. Of course, getting vaccinated against various viral infections is the best precaution you could possibly take. 

  • Immunity Boosters:
  1. The dried and powdered edible root of the plant Curcuma longa is known as turmeric, which is an intrinsic part of Indian cuisine.
  2. Most recipes include some measure of turmeric in it, but most people imagine it is for the appetizing color it imparts to the food.
  3. The ancient Indians understood the antiviral, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and antioxidant properties of turmeric, and incorporated its use into many foodstuffs. If you eat turmeric raw, then it will aid in clearing your blood of impurities, lowering your blood cholesterol levels while raising the hemoglobin count.
  4. Other immunity boosters in your kitchen include ginger, garlic, black cardamom, peppercorn, tulsi, leaves, and cinnamon which are often added to different kinds of food preparations.



Monsoon is the time when you love enjoying fried and spicy snacks and enjoying the weather. However, make sure you avoid eating outside food to stay safe from rainy season diseases. Pay special attention to the water that you drink as it is the main source of diseases during monsoon. You and your loved ones can stay healthy even during the monsoons as long as you take appropriate precautions.


Created by
Rahul Sona