Fiberglass & Polyester


Each Window Mosquito Net Fabric Has Its Advantage & Provides Excellent Results. Mostly All the Window Screens Are Made in Mesh form, but the Material for the Wire of the Mesh Can Vary Like 


  • Fiberglass Mosquito Net looks good and Shows off a neat appearance
  • This fiberglass screen is made from an inorganic non-metallic material. Fiberglass is the most used material for window screens.
  • Fiberglass is well-known for its flexibility which enhances its resistance to creasing, dents, and their resistance against rust. 
  • Fiberglass provides excellent airflow. They also offer great visibility.
  • Fiberglass does not stretch, shrink or twist nor is it affected by extreme changes in temperature, you can rely on it in harsh weather conditions.



  • Polyester, the robust mesh is more durable & withstands wear and tear easily.
  • Polyester has gained popularity amongst pet owners because the material can stand against the clawing of your furry friends.
  • Polyester doesn't wrinkle and thus serves to fit the same as a fabric.
  • Gaze is so fine, there is almost zero chance to let the dust get in.
  • Polyester is the better reinforcement choice.