Magnetic Planner Sheet Weekly Black&White - Dry | Erase

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  • EASY TO USE: The Full Sheet has a Magnetic Backing, So it wouldn’t Fall off Easily. It can be placed, unplaced any number of times - Just as simple as sticking a magnet to a Fridge.
  • BIG SIZE: Equivalent to 2 A4 Sheets Combined. A lot of information can be loaded and Neatness Maintained! It is suitable to fit Most Indian Fridges. 
  • SIGNIFICANCE: The ​board​ is a perfect size for writing notes. Helps you keep track of your shopping list, grocery items, to-do-list, ​weekly calendar ​schedules​, appointments,​ reminders and MUST DO's. Even use it as a ​PLAY / DRAWING PAD ​and ​chore​ chart for the kids!
  • 4 Pens Free: The Whiteboard comes with 4 Pens Free.
  • Avoids the hassle to buy separate pens. The pens have a magnetic tip that can be placed on the fridge directly. Good Gift For Diwali or Any Occasion

Customer Reviews

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Packing was outstanding, it came into cylindrical box, amazing product, like it__ buy it guys, magnet quality of board is also good and I got it with 5 markers and 1 duster, Marker pen quality is also good, always put marker in downside, they provide u instruction chart with it, this chart is helpful,


Does its job perfectly well. The board is sleek, magnetic and has a beautiful finish. It can be rolled up when not in use. The pens have erasers attached which is enough to erase your writes completely. Once erased, the ink stain doesn't remain unlike some whiteboard dusters.

asha k

The magnet is of good quality and adheres well to the side of my bureau. The pens that were given along with the board are excellent too. Such a massive help in organising my week.If the writing is left on for too long, there's an imprint when it's wiped away. The manufacturers suggest writing over it and then rubbing it off - that works. Also, I use a bigger whiteboard eraser instead of the ones on the pens, that helps too.

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