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Article: Which Mosquito Net to Select? | LifeKrafts Mosquito Net

Which Mosquito Net to Select? | LifeKrafts Mosquito Net

Which Mosquito Net to Select? | LifeKrafts Mosquito Net

Which mosquito net to select?

With the arrival of spring, we can enjoy the sunshine. Long and warm evenings are favorable to opening windows and letting fresh air into the rooms. Unfortunately, the bed of roses is often disturbed by insects. Even only one mosquito in the room can make our night miserable.

Of course, there are ways to deal with gate crashers. Mosquito nets make a convenient and popular solution. Nowadays there are a lot of available options, so everyone can find the right one.

What are mosquito nets made OFF?

For several people, mosquito nets are associated with a thick net, which obstructs the view outside the window, as well as with cumbersome fitting. Fortunately, the technology has advanced a long time ago and there are mosquito nets made of fiberglass which are light and fine fibers that can be formed. Fiberglass mosquito door net curtain offers an unbelievable and magical barrier to mosquitos and insects entering your home. The net is designed and built with the highest quality materials and standards, to ensure you have a great, bug-free experience. 

Difficulties in mounting or non-matching dimensions are no longer a problem today. Most mosquito nets are custom-made, so you can cover any size of the window or balcony door. However, what is the difference between mosquito nets? Well, the way of mounting and opening.


Types of mosquito nets for windows and doors

DIY mosquito nets

The cheapest and simplest solution is to choose a safety net and fix it to the window. Such nets are available in rolls (cut by oneself) or these can also be ordered as "ready-made" nets, properly cut to size. To install such a mosquito screen, it is necessary to stick it to the internal part of the window frame, using double-sided tape.

Another popular option is to stick the Velcro strips to the net and the window, so these can be removed at any time. In the case of balcony doors, ready-made mosquito nets consist of two elements, which are joined by a magnetic fly, so passing through the door is ensured.

The advantage of such a mosquito screen is of course its low price. But there are also disadvantages related to this solution as its assembly is time-consuming, especially when it comes to cutting to fit. Ready-made ones may not fit into non-standard dimensions. It is also not a very durable solution, as the adhesive tape wears off quickly and leaves marks. Velcro can also have a negative effect on the tightness of the window.


An unquestionable advantage of fiberglass mosquito nets is their durability and perfect fit. When the insect season ends it is advisable to take them down so that they are not constantly exposed to unfriendly weather conditions.

We wish you a happy and healthy life.



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